Jade Ceramic Coating

Jade Ceramic Coatings are CARFAX certified

With Jade’s line of ceramic coatings, water, dirt, and other environmental contaminants won’t stick to the surface of your car. These coatings work for every part of your cars exterior.

Why Use A Ceramic Coating For Your Car?

The next generation of vehicle surface protection is ceramic coating which allows for a maintenance friendly surface. This means you’ll spend less time washing and waxing your car, and more time enjoying its shine on the open road. Our coatings are self-cleaning providing outstanding gloss, durability, and protection. We can apply the ceramic coating to paint, gel coat, plastics, metal, fabric, cement, and wood.

Trust Black Hills Tint
to apply a ceramic coating to your car.
Boeing Tested, SGS Certified, and Carfax Certified.
Protect your investment.

Ready for a ceramic coating for your car?