Service Categories: Detailing Services

  • RV & Trailer and Boat Services

    Recreational vehicle, trailer & boat detailing includes: Exterior wash and wax Gutter rails and top of RV’s fully cleaned. Interior cleaning and shampooing as well Call for pricing and steaming services for areas where washing isn’t allowed.

  • Basic Wash Service

    Basic Wash Service

    With our Executive Valet Car Wash Service, we pre-soak your vehicle’s tires, wheels, wheel wells, trim and front fascia the scrub and rinse them loosening and removing the grime, dirt, grease and splattered bug residue. We then wash your car with a mitt made from lambs wool using car wash soap with unique polymers to […]

  • Over-Spray Paint Removal

    Over-Spray Paint Removal

    Vehicles today can be subjected to over-spray paint from newly painted bridges, buildings, and roads. If nothing is done, this paint can become embedded into your cars clear-coat becoming difficult to remove. Using a claying procedure we can easily clean most over-spray paint from your vehicle quickly and safely. We also suggest an exterior protection […]

  • Quick Car Interior Spruce-Up

    Quick Car Interior Spruce-Up

    ** Special conditions apply** With our Quick Car Interior Spruce-Up, your cars interior components made from vinyl including dash boards and consoles along with panels on doors and pockets are wiped wet removing surface dirt and dust. The choice is yours, choose either a low shine or high shine dressing to be applied to your […]

  • Convertible Top Cleaning and Conditioning

    Convertible Top Cleaning and Conditioning

    Convertible tops cloth AKA “stay fast” material on many of todays convertibles can be damaged by environmental fallout causing spotting. Your cars cloth top is first cleaned thoroughly with a special cleansing formula for fabric convertible tops. Once your top is cleaned and dried we apply RaggTopp fabric protection so environmental elements can’t harm fabrics.

  • Engine Bay Cleaning

    Engine Bay Cleaning

    Engine Shampooing keeps your vehicle’s engine clean can actually allow it to run at a cooler temperature, while making it easier to work on and increasing resale value. Your engine compartment is first shampooed using special degreasers and cleaners to break-down built up grime and grease build up on liquid containers, firewalls and valve covers. […]

  • Wash and Wax Service

    Wash and Wax Service

    Our Wash and Wax Service is a one step polishing service for vehicles with the paint still in very good condition and no paint correction is needed. After your vehicle is prepped and washed, we machine apply our Cherry Wax to leave a sparkling shine. Offers up to three months of protection.

  • Paint Sealant Protection

    Paint Sealant Protection

    This Paint Sealant Protection service for auto paint is long-term intended for those who want to keep their vehicle or more than a few years and need “long term” paint protection. Instead of wax, Paint Sealant is used and it actually creates a bond of invisible polymer protection that helps keep your vehicle’s paint safe […]

  • Blue Lustre Detail Service II

    Blue Lustre Detail Service II

    This is a two-step polishing service that corrects minor to medium imperfections in your cars paint such as light scratches and oxidation. First your car is machine buffed using our swirl free buffing process using unique glazes with resins polishes, restoring your vehicles paint closer to its original beauty. To achieve a wet look while […]

  • Headlight Restoration

    Headlight Restoration

    Our headlight restoration service should improve your night visibility by as much as 95%. Driving with yellowed or foggy lenses is a safety hazard. This three-step process cleans, protects and restores visual clarity for greater visibility and safety. Replacing the headlight can cost hundreds of dollars. This is the better choice!

  • Whole Interior Detail

    Whole Interior Detail

    Your auto interior is first air purged and vacuumed to remove dust and dirt and other debris from your cars interior including floor boards and hard to access cracks and crevices. Leather and vinyl parts along with trim are treated and detailed so they look like new and dash board, door panel, consoles, and pockets […]

  • Seats and Carpet Shampooing

    Seats and Carpet Shampooing

    To remove loose debris, automotive seats and floor boards will be vacuumed and air purged. We then check your carpets for stains and excessive grime and ground-in dirt then we hand shampooed them. We deep clean your interiors fabric with a heated extractor removing grime and dirt along with odors. Seating surfaces made from leather […]

  • Fabric Protection

    Fabric Protection

    Our colorless and odorless fabric protection will guard your vehicle from protein spills while forming an invisible shield around fibers so that spills will not leave stains. Applying fabric protection to newly cleaned auto upholstery or carpets will keep your cars interior clean much longer and make future clean-ups quick & easy. This is a […]

  • New Vehicle Protection Package

    New Vehicle Protection Package

    If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so you should consider protecting the paint and the interior with this package. Our New Vehicle Protection Package features our Poly Sealant to protect your new vehicles paint from environmental fallout and UV rays. Our Poly Sealant will also shine the surface like […]

  • Ozone Treatment

    Ozone Treatment

    Ozone Treatment can permanently kills odors from smoke damage, cigarettes, and other odor causing substances. Ozone is a gas with a unique pungent scent. It’s a molecule with 3 atoms of oxygen. It occurs easily in nature, at beaches, in the forests, or near a waterfall. The scent of a fresh spring rain after a […]

  • Plastic Trim Renewal

    Plastic Trim Renewal

    When it comes to your car trim restoration, you have a choice. Please call for more information.

  • Added Services

    Added Services

    The following added services are available by estimate: Motorcycle Detailing Motor Home Detailing Boat Detailing Truck Detailing Paint Overspray Removal Plastic Trim Restoration Fleet Washing and Detailing

  • Additional Interior Services

    Additional Interior Services

    Pet hair removal Carpet dying Cigarette burn repair Leather seat repair Leather conditioning